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Greg Davies is the Taskmaster, and with the help of his ever-loyal assistant Alex Horne, they will set out to test the wiles, wit, wisdom and skills of five hyper-competitive comedians; Frank Skinner, Josh Widdicombe, Roisin Conaty, Tim Key and Romesh Ranganathan. Who will be crowned the Taskmaster champion in this brand new game show?

Taskmaster - Netflix

Type: Game Show

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2015-07-28

Taskmaster - Taskmaster (comics) - Netflix

Taskmaster (Tony Masters) is a fictional character who appears in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Normally a supervillain but sometimes an antihero and a sleeper agent, the character first appeared in The Avengers vol. 1 #195 (May 1980), and was created by David Michelinie and George Pérez. Introduced as an enemy of the Avengers, Taskmaster went on to feature in numerous Marvel titles, most notably as a mercenary hired as a training instructor by various criminal organizations, and an enemy/ally of Deadpool.

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Taskmaster is the 104th figurine in The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection. Taskmaster is the 124th figurine in the “Marvel Pop!” line made by Funko. A figure of Taskmaster was released in series 11 (Legendary Rider Series) of Toy Biz's 6" Marvel Legends line. A figure of Taskmaster was released as part of the exclusive 2007 series of the Marvel Minimates line. A figure of Taskmaster was released in wave 20 of the Marvel Super Hero Squad line, packed with Deadpool. A figure of Taskmaster was released in a two-pack of Marvel Universe figures, part of the series “Marvel's Greatest Battles”. Taskmaster comes packaged with Deadpool and a reprinted copy of Cable & Deadpool #36. A figure of the Taskmaster was released in the 2014 Lego Marvel Super Heroes set 76018 Hulk Lab Smash. Hasbro released a figure of Taskmaster, based on his second design in Ultimate Spider-Man, in their Red Onslaught Build-A-Figure line, marketed under the banner “Mercenaries of Mayhem”.

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